Thanks for the Mammogram!: Living through Breast Cancer with Faith, Hope, and a Healthy Dose of Laughter

Thanks for the Mammogram!: Living through Breast Cancer with Faith, Hope, and a Healthy Dose of Laughter

Cancer isn't funny. But humor is healing.

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About the Book

When Laura Jensen Walker was diagnosed with breast cancer on her first wedding anniversary, she found humor to be healing in the midst of terrifying circumstances. In this energetic and hope-filled book, she draws on her faith and her sense of humor to encourage others going through the same thing. From discovering that “bald is beautiful” to navigating the world of saline breast implants, Walker recounts the highs and lows of coping with cancer.

Infused with strength and dignity, this classic book has now been revised and updated for a new generation, showing women confronting the disease–and those who love them–that faith, hope, and a healthy dose of laughter can make all the difference.

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“Thanks for the Mammogram will give anyone going through breast cancer what they need most: courage, hope, and some much-needed laughs! By sharing her story, Laura Jensen Walker reminds all of us that while cancer I not funny, life often is, and sometimes laughter really is the best medicine!”
– Olympic skater Peggy Fleming Jenkins, breast cancer survivor
“I couldn’t put this book down. A powerful demonstration of a patient’s ability to defeat a disease we all hate. A must read for patients, physicians, and all those involved in the care of breast cancer—this book will bring peace to those so desperately in need of it.”
– Ernie Bodai, MD, creator of the Breast Cancer Awareness postage stamp
"Thanks for the Mammogram! isn't for every woman. It's only for those who've experienced cancer, loved someone with cancer, met someone with cancer, worried about getting cancer, saw a made-for-TV movie about cancer once, read about cancer on a bus poster . . . in other words, honey, this book is for you. What an uplifting, uproarious approach to an otherwise serious, scary subject. Buy a copy for every woman you know!"
– Liz Curtis Higgs, author of Bad Girls of the Bible and It's Good to Be Queen
Genre: Non-Fiction
Tag: Featured Books
Publisher: Revell
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 0800736591
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About the Author
Laura Jensen Walker

I’ve loved words ever since I read 103 books in Miss Vopelensky’s first-grade class. That’s when I first dreamed of becoming a writer. My dream came true many years later when my first book was published at the age of forty.

Now after more than a decade away from publishing I’m thrilled to be back and writing again!

I write in several genres—what can I say? The ideas come fast and furious from all directions. In 2022, the book of my soul, my memoir, Good Girl,  released—the most transparent and vulnerable book I’ve ever written. My latest book, Death of a Flying Nightingale (releasing in September 2024), shines a spotlight on an overlooked group of WWII women heroes—The Flying Nightingales—who risked their lives flying into combat zones to evacuate the wounded. It was my great privilege and honor to interview the last remaining Flying Nightingale for my historical fiction debut. More to come!

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