Death of a Flying Nightingale

Death of a Flying Nightingale

Inspired by true events this novel is a tribute to a group of overlooked heroes who kept calm and carried on, while the fighting raged about them.

These courageous women proudly did their bit for King and country and found solace and camaraderie in the lasting friendships forged in war.

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About the Book

Three very different young women serve as air ambulance nurses bravely flying into WWII combat zones risking their lives to evacuate the wounded. Irish Maeve joined the RAF after her fiancé was killed; streetwise Etta fled London’s slums in search of a better life, and farm girl Betty enlisted to prevent the wounded from dying like her brother.

Newspapers have given these women a romantic nickname: “The Flying Nightingales.” Not that there’s anything romantic about what they do. The horrific injuries they encounter on a daily basis take their toll, so when one of the Nightingales is found dead, they wonder: Was it an accident? Suicide? Or something else?

After another nursing orderly dies mysteriously, they think: Someone’s killing Nightingales. The friends grapple with their loss all while keeping a stiff upper lip and continuing to care for casualties as they’re being strafed by the Luftwaffe.

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“Laura Jensen Walker honors The Flying Nightingales, the overlooked volunteer air ambulance nurses of World War II, in this riveting and affecting murder mystery. Walker deftly mixes the fear and terror of war with the humanity and courage of this remarkable Band of Sisters—creating a touching and heartfelt celebration of three 'ordinary' American women—who achieved the extraordinary.”
“With a gripping plot and a tender heart, Death of a Flying Nightingale transports the reader to Down Ampney Airfield in the throes of WWII and what a trip it is! Laugh and cry with these three splendid women, marvel at their bravery, cheer on their sleuthing, and simply luxuriate in the company of a writer who does both romantic and unflinching brilliantly.”
“A compelling tale of courageous young women in World War II, Death of a Flying Nightingale depicts the lives of nursing orderlies who escorted soldiers with horrific injuries home to England. Told through the eyes of three young women who risked their lives in their jobs and also at the hands of a murderer at home, the reader will soar and weep alike reading Walker's well-told story.”
“Brimming with historical detail and layered with emotional depth, Laura Jensen Walker's Death of a Flying Nightingale serves as both a cracking good mystery and a tribute to the Flying Nightingales, those courageous women who risked their lives to bring the wounded boys of World War II safely home. I loved it!”
“Walker does a splendid job of bringing the little-known Flying Nightingales to life in this novel. You'll applaud the grit and determination of the young women who risked their lives for the war effort. Bravo!”
“They were brave beyond measure, those flying Nightingales, their service and sacrifices in the war forgotten all too soon. It is incredible to meet these young women now, have them pull you in right beside them, so you are there for their journey every step of the way. You will feel every bump of the patient transport plane, the ache of the patients they lose, every fear, worry, and yes, every triumph of their time. I didn’t want to leave them when the story ended. This is simply the best, when you just want more time with the characters who are now your friends.”
Death of a Flying Nightingale by Laura Jensen Walker is a captivating story of courage and heartbreak as three disparate women find friendship and love during the last perilous year of the Second World War. Readers of historical fiction will revel in the period detail and atmosphere.”
“Three cheers for Death of a Flying Nightingale, Laura Jensen Walker’s captivating historical mystery, a tribute to the bravery and contributions of those who never picked up a rifle in WW2. These three air ambulance nurses will keep you laughing, crying, and guessing as they solve two murders in their ranks. This book is full of heart and will remind you to never underestimate a woman. If you loved the smart inspiring females in Hidden Figures, you’ll love Death of a Flying Nightingale.”
Series: The Nightingale Mysteries, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Featured Books
Publisher: Level Best Books Level Historia
Publication Year: 2024
Format: Digital, Paperback
Length: Novel
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About the Author
Laura Jensen Walker

I’ve loved words ever since I read 103 books in Miss Vopelensky’s first-grade class. That’s when I first dreamed of becoming a writer. My dream came true many years later when my first book was published at the age of forty.

Now after more than a decade away from publishing I’m thrilled to be back and writing again!

I write in several genres—what can I say? The ideas come fast and furious from all directions. In 2022, the book of my soul, my memoir, Good Girl,  released—the most transparent and vulnerable book I’ve ever written. My latest book, Death of a Flying Nightingale (releasing in September 2024), shines a spotlight on an overlooked group of WWII women heroes—The Flying Nightingales—who risked their lives flying into combat zones to evacuate the wounded. It was my great privilege and honor to interview the last remaining Flying Nightingale for my historical fiction debut. More to come!

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