A Few Things I Love, A Few Things I Hate

A Few Things I Love, A Few Things I Hate

In the musical The King and I*, British governess Anna sings “Getting to Know You” to the children and wives of the King of what was then-called Siam (Thailand.) One way to get to know people is to learn what they love and hate. So, IIMG_5202 thought I’d share some of my love and hates with you. (Heads up: I’m a tad passionate—some would say opinionated. When I love something, I LOVE it! And when I hate something, you’ll know.)

*I had the privilege of seeing the amazing—and still sexy—Yul Brynner onstage in his iconic role in London’s West End, FIFTH ROW CENTER in the ‘70s. Fabulous!

A Few Things I Love “Truly, Madly, Deeply” (in no particular order)

Truly, Madly, Deeply is a romantic and quirky little English film starring the remarkable and much-missed Alan Rickman long before he was Professor Snape.

  1. Books
  2. England
  3. BBC mysteries
  4. Michael Kitchen (My Foyle’s War crush. Says more with a lifted eyebrow than most actors can in an entire monologue.)
  5. Our spaniel-pug mix Mellie and her adorable underbiteIMG_0187

A few things I “Hate, Loathe, Despise, and Abominate”

Judy Garland says the impassioned line, “If there’s anything I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate…” in Meet Me in St. Louis, a delightful movie-musical we watch every Christmas. It’s full of such memorable songs as the “The Boy Next Door,” “The Trolley Song,” and the achingly beautiful “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with Judy resplendent in red velvet.

  1. Coffee (The taste AND the smell.) Since childhood, I’ve never liked coffee, or anything coffee-flavored, including mocha icing. Yuck. But the worst thing was selecting a piece of yummy-looking candy from a box of chocolates, and biting into it in delicious chocolatey anticipation, only to get a mouthful of mocha. Ick. I’d immediately spit it out and chase it with a chocolate-covered caramel to get rid of the awful coffee after taste. My lifelong coffee aversion was strengthened during my chemo days when the hospital orderly would bring me a breakfast tray with a cup of coffee. The minute he entered the room and I caught a whiff of coffee, I’d start puking. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Noise
  3. Crowds (especially in elevators or on light rail)—I need my personal space.
  4. Brussels sprouts and cooked cabbage
  5. Dirty bathrooms (Eew. Just eew. Ever heard of bleach wipes and pumice stones?)

And in case the above introductory references didn’t give it away, I also love movies (good ones.)

So what about you? What are a few (Top 5) things you love and hate?

8 thoughts on “A Few Things I Love, A Few Things I Hate

  1. In no particular order, just what first comes to mind:
    5 Loves–Reading, Tennis, Lunch with friends, Traveling to new places, Wandering in bookstores
    5 Hates–Grocery shopping/cooking, Rude customer service, Drugs (the bad kind, what they do to people), Seafood, Public speaking

    1. Thanks for commenting, Michelle. I love all your same loves too except tennis (not that I wouldn’t perhaps like it, but I’ve only played it once 🙂 I hate rude customer service too. And drugs–lost a beloved brother to them. Love seafood, however (as long as it’s not sushi or something slimy like oysters. Salmon and Alaskan King crab are my favorites.)

  2. Love: sushi and coffee!? Art, Netflix, drives in the mountains, vintage/thrift clothing, eating with family and friends.

    Hate: canned cranberry sauce, exercising, malls, politics

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I hate politics too 🙂 But I love drives in the mountains, Netflix, Art, vintage/thrift cloths and eating with family and friends.

  3. 5Loves
    1. Good books (that includes proper grammar)
    2. Fou Fou Coffee (white mocha, peppermint mocha . . . Basically anything that will hide the coffee taste)
    3. Chocolate
    4. Dinner with friends
    5. Playing with my nephew

    5 Dislikes
    1. Books with good plots and atrocious grammar
    2. Fruit with chocolate
    3. Drivers who drive below the speed limit (waaaay below)

    1. Hi Trisha; nice to hear from you! Dinner with friends is high on my list of loves too. And chocolate of course.

  4. Just discovered your blog today when I googled you to find out what became of you. My teenage daughter picked up your Dreaming books in the church library today and I wondered if you had written anything recently. You mentioned in a different blog that your fiction didn’t sell well?? I don’t know why not! I’ve loved all your books and our church library has 5 of them.

    All that to say, I think you and I might just get along. I love British mysteries, among them Vera and Broadchurch and Scott & Bailey. Right now we’re working our way through “Death in Paradise”. I love coffee if it’s disguised with lots of sugar and chocolate ie mochas. “Singing in the Rain” has got to be one of the best musicals out there although we recently saw “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway in NYC so that is high up on the list. Love our three almost adult daughters and their artsy-ness (where did they get that from?). And I love to bake. More than cook. I cook cuz I have to but baking is stellar. And reading tops the list.

    I HATE football. And golf. Especially on TV. And US politics (when will that saga be over?). I hate the cold winters (why do I live in Canada?) and hate getting into a cold car. And I’ll finish with a strong dislike for sushi and shellfish.

    1. Hi Arletta,
      Thanks for writing! I haven’t blogged in a while and need to get back to it soon. I was off work for a while with a torn meniscus (now surgically repaired) but am doing well now. I appreciate your kind words about my books! I took a writing sabbatical for several years, but have recently finished a memoir which my agent is now pitching to publishers, so we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile I’m playing around with a couple new fiction ideas and having fun doing so. It’s difficult to work full-time (I got a regular 8-5 job several years ago since writing doesn’t offer health or retirement benefits 🙂 and write also, so it may be awhile before I finish the latter. I think we would get along–I love both Vera and Broadchurch, but haven’t seen ‘Scott and Bailey,’ will have to check it out. I got to see ‘Les Miserables’ on Broadway in 2000, and in London in 2003, both of which were fantastic. It may be my favorite musical–although Wicked would be a close second. As far as movie musicals, however, Singin’ in the Rain is tops.

      Hope your daughter enjoys my Dreaming books!
      Take care,

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